Monday, February 18, 2013

Are odd coincides necessarily miraculous? My friend and a squirrel met by accident in the parking lot today, his birthday, both carrying Bojangles boxes. What are the odds? Makes me wonder if it was the squirrel's birthday too.

Today a friend of mine, Ryan Lazar, drove to work at the campus library and it was his birthday, so he brought us all some snacks for break, including two boxes of sweet biscuits from BoJangles. As he pulled his car into the parking lot next to the library he noticed a squirrel nearby that was carrying a small box, labeled, guess what, "BoJangles." After Ryan got out of the car with his two boxes from Bojangles he said hi to the squirrel that scooted away carrying their own little Bojangles box (could have been a Bojangles fries container). [Image below is from the web, not what Ryan saw.]  Ryan has never brought Bojangles to break before that I can recall, and the nearest Bojangles is several miles off campus so the squirrel would have had to have been picking through the trash, but neither of us ever recall having seen or heard of a squirrel on campus carrying round a Bojangles box and I've worked here nearly 25 years and Ryan's worked here over a decade too, though others may certainly have seen such a thing. And there is no lack of squirrels on campus. In fact once was a squirrel in the campus Rose Garden that got a yogurt cup stuck on its head and was filmed running around which became a viral video, click here). But still, it's an odd coincidence, as odd a juxtaposition of items as some religious people might consider significant. Though one cannot see an obvious connection between this event and any particular religion. To me it's significant that odd coincidences do happen. So how can anyone be certain that an odd coincidence is necessarily miraculous?